Washington, DC Corporate Photographer :: CIEE Interns Take On DC

Photographing events for CIEE is one one of my very favorite things!


CIEE is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, and is the country’s oldest and largest nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization. Since 1947, CIEE has helped thousands of people gain the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world by offering the most comprehensive, relevant, and valuable exchange programs available.

Their mission: “To help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.” Isn’t that awesome?!

These selected interns got to be part of a week-long event in DC which ended with a great guided tour of Washington, DC.

CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0001 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0002 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0003 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0004

CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0005 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0006 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0007 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0008 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0009 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0010 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0011 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0012 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0013 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0014 CIEE_eventphotography_MaryKateMcKennaPhotography_0015

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